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  • Rosetta Hardscapes Step Collection
  • Ash (Dimensional)
  • Saddle (Dimensional)
  • Dimensional Steps in Saddle
  • Dimensional Steps in Saddle
  • Auburn Ridge (Irregular)
  • Fond du Lac (Irregular)
  • Slate Grey (Irregular)
  • Superior Buff (Irregular)
  • Irregular Steps in Superior Buff
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The Rosetta Hardscapes Step Collection

The Rosetta® Step Collection from Rosetta Hardscapes gives you the rugged attractiveness of natural stone but combines it with the safety and comfort of uniform rise.

Rosetta Dimensional steps make sense for any design. Each chiseled edge mimics well cut, real stone, with a consistent 7-inch rise.

Rosetta’s Irregular Step line is perfect for free-flowing, natural staircases, providing stone-like shapes and textures that create inviting walkways with a consistent 5.5 or 7 inch rise. Irregular Steps are now available in a 6-foot length.

Actual color availability may vary -- stop in a Drohan Brick and we can help you with your project. For more information and specifications, you can download the Rosetta Step Collection Brochure.


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Irregular Steps - Standard available in 5.5 & 7" Rise
7in x 2ft x 5ft || 7in x 2ft4in x 4ft || 7in x 2ft2in x 48in || NEW - 6' length
Dimensional Steps
7in x 18in x 4ft || 7in x 24in x 4ft || 7in x 18in x 3 ft || 7in x 30in x 6ft

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