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  • Vintage Sandalwood Oversize
  • Vintage Galveston Bay Oversize
  • Vintage Millstone Oversize
  • Vintage Tuscany
  • Vintage Sandhills Oversize
  • Heritage Cypress Cove Queen
  • Heritage Browns Ferry Queen
  • Heritage Spanish Moss Queen
  • Heritage Habersham Queen
  • Heritage Cozumel Queen
  • Heritage Stonington Queen
  • Heritage Weatherwood Queen
  • Heritage Northbridge Queen
  • Heritage Farmington Queen
  • Heritage Manchester Modular
  • Heritage Sedgefield Queen
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Modern Antique Brick

The Modern Antique Brick line from Pine Hall Brick features two different series. The Vintage Collection, from their Madison, NC plant, is an oversize simulated tumbled brick that gives you the look of an authentic tumbled brick, but at a more attractive price.

The Heritage Series from their Fairmont, GA plant boasts warm colors and handcrafted textures giving this series of premium brick an antique look with contemporary style.


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