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  • Noon Porcelian Paver in Daylight
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  • Noon in Daylight
  • Noon in Daylight
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Mirage® Noon Porcelain Paver *NEW* from Belgard

Warm and bursting with light, Noon is a contemporary expression of the simple life. The natural warmth of wood restores the lively pace of a thrilling life to urban spaces, in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. The collection combines the warmth of natural wood with the elegance of glossy wood, incorporating all the extraordinary technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware: timeless and fearless.

Mirage® Porcelain Pavers are frost-resistant, durable, easy to clean and won’t discolor or allow moss or mold growth. Talk to the experts at Drohan Brick for installation recommendations for this versatile material.


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Noon Plank
7.80 x 47.17 x 3/4
Noon Wide Plank
11.73 x 47.17 x 3/4

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