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  • MAC Harrywood - Smoked Birch
  • MAC Harrywood - Cedar
  • MAC Harrywood - Ash Grey
  • MAC Harrywood - Black Walnut
  • MAC Harrywood - Scandinavian Fir
  • MAC Harrywood - Torrefied
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Mac Architectural Metal Siding & Roofing

MAC Architectural Metal is known as a leader in the fabrication of premium pre-painted steel siding end roofing. With innovative designs, highly durable, maintenance-free products and a wide range of contemporary colors, MAC Architectural Metal will lend itself well to your next project. MAC's Harrywood has the look and appearance of wood without the maintenance. A product of years of research and development, this siding is made of galvanized steel, and is characterized by its quality, watertightness, and weathering resistance. Perfect for all climate conditions from extreme hot to very cold. Simple installation with no special tools required.


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