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Explore the principles of hardscaping and build your vision with us. Bring in your ideas, sketches, or professional drawings. Troy will tell you exactly what you need to complete your project. We can even help with your installation, just ask. 

1. Get Inspired

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2. Colors And Styles

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Hardscaping comes in a variety of colors and styles. We provide and custom order any style and color from leading brands. Explore our hardscaping products and find what fits your project.

3. Gather Tools

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You will also need these products to complete your project. We provide everything you need and provide rentals for the big tools.

4. Demonstration

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Follow this simple guide to build your own brick patio.

Step 1

Place two wooden stakes into the ground about 12" past the length and width of the patio. Then stretch some string between all sides of the future patio. 

Step 2

Dig your area 7" deep. It will need a slight slope to it to promote water run-off. Cover landscape fabric with about 4" of gravel, then make the surface as level as possible and tamp it.

Step 3

Add a 1" layer of sand and then screed the sand to make the surface level and even, and then tamp it down.

Step 4

Check to make sure it is level with the guide strings, and then tamp. 

Step 5

Choose a brick pattern, and begin to lay bricks down starting at one of the corners, leaving 1/4" between each one. Make sure to level them with a Carpenter's level on a piece of wood. 

Step 6

Then sweep sand onto the bricks to fill in the spaces and continue until they are all filled. Carefully rinse with water. 

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