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  • Textured Old Dutch Modular
  • Textured Liberty Rose Modular
  • Textured Litchfield Gray Modular
  • Classic Burnt Cedar Modular
  • Classic Winchester Handcraft Modular
  • Classic Old Charleston Modular
  • Classic Salem Blend Modular
  • Classic Stoney River Modular
  • Classic Dan River Handcraft Oversize
  • Classic Wire Cut Light Range Modular
  • Classic Wire Cut Full Range Modular
  • Traditional Plantation Blend Oversize
  • Traditional Old Colony Full Range Modular
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Classic Brick

Pine Hall Brick offers three different lines of Classic Brick. The Textured Series adds dimension and beauty through the casting of subtle shadows. Scoring the brick with a variety of patterns and textures creates a soft, elegant appearance.

The Classic Series is a straight-edge brick offering rich blended colors at affordable prices. Each brick is fired to more than 2,000 degrees to give it enduring strength and color.

Finally, the Traditional Series offers the timeless look of tradition, never showing its age with colors that are always in style.


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