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For over 30 years, Surebond adhesives and sealants are field-proven and have held up through the most stringent and demanding applications. Surebond's innovative engineering provides flexible solutions for a wide range of uses, while offering quality, reliable products.

SEK-Surebond Adhesives: Masonry adhesive is the ideal alternative to using mortar to bond bricks, pavers, steps, wall blocks, and caps together. SEK-Surebond Adhesives offer many benefits including ease of use, a quicker cure time, and a durable, invisible bond. These masonry adhesives can be used in less than ideal situations such as extreme cold, damp materials, and in areas that experience freeze thaw cycles.

Surebond Sealants: Extend the life of pavers, natural stone and concrete, protecting the investment of a hardscape project by sealing and protecting the surface, keeping it beautiful through the years. Easier maintenance, visual enhancement and protection of the surface will eliminate the surface's vulnerability to the wear and tear of everyday use and the harsh elements.

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