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Ice B ‘Gone Magic (aka IBG Magic Granular & IBG Magic Liquid) is a highly effective ice-melting product that is safer than reugular rock salt, to use on paver patios, walkways and stamped concrete surfaces.  It is much less harmful to curbside grass areas or plants, and continues to melt ice in sub-zero temperatures, if applied as directed.  When Ice B’ Gone Magic is applied as a snow storm pretreatment, snow will melt off the applied surface with no shoveling or plowing necessary, preventing shovel and plow damage to your paver patio, walkway and stamped concrete surfaces. IBG Magic Granular works faster and lasts longer, saving you 30%-50% in product consumption when compared to regular rock salt use. IBG Magic is less corrosive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. See why everyone is talking about IBG Magic!


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