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From modest beginnings, Drohan Brick and Supply Inc. has grown to become one of Pennsylvania's leading brick, masonry material and supply distributors. In Mount Joy since 1945, our specialty is every aspect of specifying and ordering brick and masonry materials. You'll get what's right for each job.

Our Hardscaping Center has the largest selection of the most sought after materials available-- to create custom exteriors in the newest array of shapes and shades.

For three generations, our family-owned business has been built on a strong tradition of neighborly service and customer satisfaction. Working closely with builders, mason contractors, architects, landscapers and consumers we've done the groundwork for many of central Pennsylvania's finest residential and commercial structures.

When you need the professional help to get the job done right, talk to an expert at Drohan Brick. You'll get the benefit of our close-knit team, each with the ability to respond with answers.

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Our Showroom

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The showroom at Drohan Brick extends throughout our 6 acre yard. Here you'll find hundreds of brick colors and types as well as a selection of many other top quality masonry products. Stocking yards and storage areas hold a variety of stone and hardscaping supplies for every job specification.

We are the regional distribution point for a number of the best quality and value hardscaping options. We'll get the materials in your hands quickly, often within 48 hours, so you can get to work.

Our staff is well versed in the language and detail of masonry construction and can offer suggestions and solutions at each phase of your project. We are available 24/7 to help get your job done right.

Once you place your order, a fleet of trucks stands ready for immediate material delivery.

Our History

Carl (Pappy) Drohan decides to leave his job at the quarry and begin supplying brick for the post-WWII building boom in central Pensylvania.

At Drohan Brick, recieving and distributing materials, products and supplies is all done by hand. "We didn't have any equipment and had to load and unload our orders bag by bag, brick by brick. My wife and I worked together. I did the dirty work, she took care of the books."

The demand for masonry supplies grows, and Carl purchases a dump truck, adds new products to his inventory and hires a few good men.

Carl's son Jim joins the business. "That was the best thing that ever happened."

Through the 50's, 60's and 70's, the warehouse and stocking yard was increased, additional trucks were added to the fleet, new products were added to the line and the Drohan Brick showroom was created to display the growing number of masonry construction projects.

Troy, Jim's son joins his father and grandfather in the business that has, by now, supplied brick and masonry supplies to many of Pennsylvania's finest buildings.

During the 80's, Drohan Brick expands by opening new sales/service offices in Pennsylvania and augmenting the product lines to meet every taste and design.

In 1982 Jim's daughter Kelly joins Drohan Brick to carry on the family's tradition of neighborly service and excellence in customer service.

1995 Marks the milestone of 50 years in business for Drohan Brick.

Today, the Drohan family offers 180 years of collective experience to the masonry and building trades in Pennsylvania.

Our Staff

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For true hands-on advice and active Customer Service, the Drohan Brick Team provides answers. From major commercial and architectural designs to residential construction, remodeling and landscaping, we'll guide your selections of brick and masonry products to complete your project on time and on budget.

James D. Drohan



Joined his dad, Carl (Pappy) Drohan in 1950 and has been satisfying requests and building the team ever since.

Troy D. Drohan



Grew up at Drohan Brick and has been carrying on Pappy's vision full time since 1979. Whether he's personally delivering samples, custom matching or estimating a job, Troy is available with the answers you need.

Kelly Fallinger



Joined the family business in 1982, advancing the level of professional service that customers have relied on from Drohan Brick since the beginning.

Eric Kaley



Works as adeptly in the office as in the yard, organizing deliveries and managing the details.

Dedicated Drivers

Our well-maintained custom boom and dump trucks are constantly on the road delivering material to job sites, or retrieving orders from manufacturing plants up and down the East Coast.

Drohan Brick Drivers are dedicated to customer service, safety and year-round reliability.


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