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  • Colonial Grey Wallstone 1-3"
  • Colonial Grey Wallstone 2-4"
  • Colonial Grey Wallstone 4-6"
  • Fieldstone Natural Wallstone 1-3"
  • Fieldstone Natural Wallstone 2-5"
  • Fieldstone Natural Wallstone 4-6"
  • Rainbow Wallstone 2-4"
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Everlast Quality Wallstone

Wallstone is generally 1-8" thick, 5-16" wide (known as the face), irregular in shape, and semi-smooth on the top and bottom. This material is available in thin 1-3", regular 2-4", 4-6", and thick 6-8". This makes for easier stacking. Wallstone is used primarily for building walls.

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varying from 1"-8" in. thick x 5-16" wide

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