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Drylok Latex Concrete Patch

DRYLOCK Concrete Patch is an interior and exterior cement patching system. The special dry powder cement is fortified with a powdered bonding agent to improve masonry-to-masonry adhesion. Mixes easily with water. DRYLOK Concrete Patch provides superior adhesion to hairline cracks or large breaks. It is waterproof, self-curing and will not shrink after drying. DRYLOK Concrete Patch will not chip or crack like concrete.

  • Combines durability of cement with working qualities of a bonding agent in an easy repair kit
  • Will not shrink, crack or chip like masonry
  • Superior adhesion to hairline cracks or large breaks

Ideal for using to top weld, join or patch brick and mortar, masonry walls, masonry steps and cracks in masonry floors.

How to use: The area to be repaired must be clean and free from all dirt and loose material. DRYLOK Concrete Patch will not adhere to crumbly or powdery surfaces. If area to be patched has been washed, mop up excess water. Mix DRYLOK Concrete Patch right in DRYLOK Concrete Patch container. Wear a dust mask to avoid breathing dry powder. Slowly add water to the special cement powder (1 part water to 3 parts cement for normal repairs) stirring constantly until the consistency is smooth. Adjust consistency if necessary by adding additional water or cement powder. To repair small cracks, mix to a thin consistency; for deep or wide repairs, use a heavy consistency.

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