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Drylok Concrete Protector

DRYLOK Latex Base Concrete Protector provides clear weatherproof protection against deterioration caused by de-icing salt, road salt, household cleaners, gasoline, oil, weathering and efflorescence (white, powdery, salt-like deposits visible on masonry). DRYLOK's unique SaltLok Technology penetrates into the surface providing superior resistance to unsightly efflorescence staining often visible on brick, block and poured concrete surfaces. DRYLOK Concrete Protector seals bare masonry surfaces against dusting, staining, surface cracking and pock marking. Soap and water cleanup.

  • Ideal primer prior to applying latex masonry coatings
  • Protection with a natural appearance
  • Ideal masonry primer
  • Minimizes concrete dusting, cracking, pock marking, and efflorescence
  • Hardens concrete
  • One coat protection
  • Solidifies masonry surfaces for top coat

Uses: horizontal or vertical masonry sufaces, including concrete driveways, garage floors, basement floors, concrete sidewalks, block retaining walls, brick siding/walkways, terrazzo, and slate surfaces. Worn surfaces with similar clear coatings, which allow water penetration, may be recoated with DRYLOK Concrete Protector. For best results test for proper adhesion on a small area prior to coating entire surface.

PRIMER-SEALER: DRYLOK Concrete Protector can be used as a primer/sealer prior to applying DRYLOK Latex Base Concrete Floor Paint, DRYLOK E1 1-Part Epoxy Floor Paint, latex, alkyd or polyuerthane concrete floor paints or carpeting. For self-adhesive floor tiles, check with tile manufacturer for adhesion compatibility.

MINIMIZE RECURRING EFFLORESCENCE: DRYLOK Concrete Protector can be used as a primer/sealer under DRYLOK Masonry Waterproofer or other masonry wall coatings to minimize recurring efflorescence.

When applied over powdery surfaces such as chalking masonry paint, porous asbestos siding, sand-blasted masonry and powdering concrete and mortar, DRYLOK Concrete Protector solidifies surface for painting.


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